How to play

Play together by challenging your friends or use as musculoskeletal anatomy flashcards.

Shuffle the cards and deal them so all players have an equal number of cards.
Each player holds their cards so they can only see the front of their top card. Be sure to conceal the answers from your opponents.
Choose a player to be the first Responder.
The person immediately to the left of the Responder becomes the Questioner. They state the name of the muscle at the top of their deck and ask for either the origin, insertion, innervation or action of that muscle.
The Responder can ask for a hint and at this point the Questioner must show the illustration on the back of their card.
If the Responder gets the answer right they take the card from the Questioner and place it at the back of their deck. Play continues with the person to the left of the first Questioner becoming the new Questioner and the original player continuing to be the Responder.
If the Responder gets the answer wrong the person to their immediate left becomes the new Responder and the person next to them becomes the new Questioner.
Players who have lost all their cards are out of the game.
Play continues around the table until one person holds all the cards at which point they have won and the game is over!

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